Trainings Exchange

Art depends on the mastery of skills and an open mind.

Art arises in the tension between discipline and freedom.

Recent developments
The 19th century art education focused on technical perfection.
In the 20th century artschools shifted to the personal expression of the artist. In the middle of the 20th century, knowledge and skills were seen as an obstacle to artistic freedom and disappeared from the curriculum of art schools.
In the 21st century, we will return to this: good art is based on the synthesis of technical mastery and personal input.

It is mainly private training courses in North America and Western Europe that are now in the process of reconstructing the 19th century vocational training in order to recapture that technical level.
In Eastern Europe and East Asia, this solid technical training has always been maintained. There they are looking for more individuality and new forms of expression.


The following events will be organized in collaboration with our members International League of Fine Art Schools/ILFAS and classical ART college

The West can learn from the East and vice versa and the willingness to do so is mutual. The International League of Fine Art Schools (ILFAS) is building up an international network of professional art schools.
ILFAS offers them a digital platform for the exchange of information and initiatives, but also wants to actively mediate in concrete exchanges.

Exchanges can be direct from teachers or students. It can involve participation in each other’s activities, for example following international ‘Master Courses’ or ‘Summerschools’. Those are planned from summer 2021

By bringing together leading artists and inquisitive students, an ‘Master Course’ can serve as a catalyst for artistic development in a relatively short period of time.
classical ART college is an online artschool, organising such courses