Skill-based Art

Universal skills.
Universal skills in the visual arts include mastery of composition, form rendering, tone values and colour schemes. Control of materials and techniques. Insight into expressive values. All of this at the service of the intrinsic and distinctive meaning of visual art.
Good art is based on mastery of all these ‘skills’.
For a variety of reasons, these skills have been relegated to the background or even lost in large parts of the world. But moved by the wave of time, artists are now motivated to recapture this mastery: ‘skill-based art’ is independent of style directions but is the basis of visual quality.

Cultural differences.
There are major cultural differences worldwide in the use of these skills. In order to gain insight into this, the Classical Art Center maintains a worldwide database of visual artists

Development of skills
In order to promote the development of skills, the Classical Art Center follows two paths: its member, the International League of Fine Art Schools wants to promote digital collaboration and interaction between art schools all over the world. The Classical Art Center itself offers an online art course: the Classical Art College.

Developments can be supported by the exchange of knowledge, by the worldwide bundling of initiatives and know-how and by bringing artists together.

This can be done through the following initiatives:
– International exchange of exhibitions
– International exchange of art education
– International exchange of contacts and ideas